If you have any problems or need advice on any of the areas outlined on this website, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will not charge for any initial consultation.

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Why talk to the team?

At Goldsmith and Company, we find that having a better understanding of your chartered accountant’s work – and them having a better understanding of yours – leads to a far better partnership between the two parties. Some of the ways that we can help you include:

Initial consultation

Start your process with a conversation with the Goldsmith and Company team, discussing your company, its finances and your ideal chartered accounting services. We can let you know some of the basics of chartered accounting and the first consultation comes without any charge.

Accurate quote

Running a business is difficult at the best of times, and controlling your budget is a significant challenge. Our team can provide you with an accurate quote for chartered accountancy bespoke to your company’s requirements, letting you know what you can expect to pay and helping you to plan your budget in advance.

Friendly service

When you deal with an accountancy service, you want to know that you’re working with a team that has your best interests at heart. Our friendly group of experts can discuss your accounting requirements so you never feel confused or like you’re out of the loop.

What to tell us?

Providing the right details from the start helps our team to create a tailored service for your accounting requirements. We can start with simply your name and contact details, but telling us more about the nature of your chartered accounting challenges means that we can start to provide you with quality support from the very first conversation. Let us know the services you need, the name of your business and any accounting services you’ve used in the past and we can use this to build a bespoke service.