Small and medium business

Our practice is strongly geared to the needs and demands of small and medium sized businesses. We are very experienced in not only their accounting needs but also taxation advice and planning. We can help you in your commercial needs as well with sensible advice.



We not only prepare year end and management accounts and taxation computations but VAT returns in line with the digital regime and wages and PAYE returns.

Commercial property financing

We advise our property clients in raising finance both for purchasing properties and also re-financing them. We have contacts with major banks or institutions and work quickly to secure funds.

Estate and IHT advice

We have many years experience in helping clients with Inheritance Tax planning. This is increasingly important due to the increase in property values during the last few years. It is most important for the majority of individuals to have an effective will in place.


Getting the right services for your needs

Every company has unique accountancy needs, whether this is helping you to raise finances to run a property or to support an organisation in PAYE returns and balancing your accounts. The Goldsmith and Company team understand this and works closely with you to provide services specifically for your requirements.

Get started with an initial consultation, and our experts can learn more about your accounting needs and point you towards the right accountancy services for you. This highly tailored approach means that you get the support you need and resolve your financial difficulties sooner. You can focus on running your day-to-day operations rather than focusing on the financial situation.

Try Goldsmith and Company

If you’re looking for an accountancy firm to partner with your business as it continues to grow, look no further than the Goldsmith and Company team. We offer highly trained chartered accountants with years of experience in a variety of sectors, providing a flexible service at the highest of standards.

Contact our team today to learn more about how we can support your company with its accountancy needs. Get in touch by calling us on 0208 347 8090 or email use on